Coppa Italia 1989/90 rematches

Italian Cup semi-final rematches 1989/90
1 match: Roma-Juve
Absences: ROM: Voeller (Muzzi), Nela (Pellegrini), Gerolin (Piacentini) / JUV: Zavarov (Casiraghi), Rui Barros (Napoli), Aleinikov (Alessio)
Good/poor form: —-, Weather: —

AS Roma – Juventus 0:0 (1:1 in the double-header, Roma advance)
Roma: Tancredi 6, Pellegrini 6, Comi 5, Berthold 4, Tempestilli 4, Giannini 5, Di Mauro 6, Piacentini 6, Desideri 5 (70 Conti), Rizzitelli 4, Muzzi 4

Juventus: Tacconi 5, De Agostini 5, Tricella 5, Bonetti 4, Galia 4 (72 M.Serrena), Marocchi 5, Napoli 3, Fortunato 4, Alessio 4, Schillaci 3, Casiraghi 3
Goals: —
Yellow cards: Desideri 22nd, Giannini 48th, Comi 68th, Piacentini 72nd.

Unfortunately, it was a very boring match for the fans. Roma, knowing that it was Juventus to attack, retreated into their own half. They tried occasionally with a long balls to create a clear situations, but the Juventus defence was alert. The visitors presented little apart from quick rallies by Alessio, from which nothing resulted. After 90 minutes, the stadium went wild – Roma advanced to the Italian Cup final!
Player of the match: Pellegrini (Roma)

2nd match: Napoli-Milan
Absences: NAP: Maradona ! (Careca), Fusi (Mauro) / MIL: —
Good/poor form: Massaro (+), Weather: —

Napoli – Milan 2:0 (2:0) (in a two-legged match 3:0 for Napoli)
Napoli: Giuliani 6, Francini 9 (73 Tarantino), Baroni 8, Corradini 10, Ferrara 8, De Napoli 9, Alemao 9, Mauro 8, Crippa 8, Careca 8 (75 Zola), Carnevale 9
Milan: Pazzagli 2, Maldini 4, F.Baresi 5, Costacurta 5, Tassotti 3, Evani 3, Ancelotti 4 (83 Borgonovo), Rijkaard 5 (74 Colombo), Donadoni 4, van Basten 3, Massaro 3

Goals: 1:0 Corradini (ass: Mauro), 2:0 Alemao 33 (ass: Carnevale)
Yellow cards: Alemao 44, Giuliani 67 / Massaro 67, Rijkaard 74
Red card: Massaro 72 (second yellow)

This match was much more interesting despite the absence of Maradona (minor injury). Napoli feared for the result, but the players rose to a high level that Milan could not match. Milan’s players shot off target (Ancelotti, Donadoni) or were in poor form (van Basten). In the 31st minute, the perfectly played Corradini shot from the penalty area and the ball fell into the net. 2 minutes later a stunned Milan lost a second goal: this time Brazilian Alemao did an excellent job. The powerless visitors kept trying until the 72nd minute when Massaro left the pitch for a brutal foul on Francini.
Napoli’s promotion to the Italian Cup final in fine style!

Player of the match: Corradini (Napoli)

Coming soon: Coppa Italia finals Napoli-Roma

Coppa Italia 1989/90

My favourite turn of the 1980s and 1990s in the Italian league/cups I decided to use to test my soon-to-be-released football game Football: Play It Again

My objectives: to test the impact of basic tactics, the weather (first semi-final matches in January, rematches and finals in February and April) and the specifics of the Italian league that season (low goal average)

First semi-final of the Italian Cup 1989/90

I immediately drew the impact of the weather in the first match: Drizzle at the Stadio Comunale (Dribbling and Speed minus 1, careful with long-range shots – possibility of the ball slipping).

Juventus – AS Roma 1:1 (0:1)

Absences: JUV: Tacconi (Bonaiuti), ROM: Nela (Pellegrini), Desideri (Piacentini), Manfredonia

Juventus: Bonaiuti 6, De Agostini 6, Tricella 7, Bonetti 6, Galia 7, Marocchi 7, Rui Barros 6, Fortunato 7, Aleinikov 6, Schillaci 6, Zavarov 5 (74 Casiraghi)

Roma: Cervone 8, Pellegrini 6, Comi 6, Berthold 5, Tempestilli 4, Giannini 5, Di Mauro 6, Piacentini 5, Gerolin 4, Rizzitelli 7 (88 Conti), Voeller 7

Goals: 0:1 Voeller 35, 1:1 Berthold 67 own goal

Yellow cards: Rui Barros (55), Galia (57), Fortunato (59) / Gerolin (17), Berthold (55), Pellegrini (70)

Red card: Gerolin (88, second yellow)

Roma set their sights on protecting their backsides from the start and played from the counter-attack, missing a few chances, but maintaining a tight defence. Zavarov’s missed shots and Fortunato’s t head shot were all Juventus had to offer. In the 35th minute, Voeller struck from outside the penalty area (chart „Drizzle” and a d6 roll – 6) and the ball slipping on the wet turf fell into the Juventus net. 0:1!After the break, Juventus moved sluggishly to attack but all they gained were yellow cards for Galia, Fortunato and Rui Barros. In the 67th minute, after a mix-up in the penalty area, Roma goalkeeper Cervone kicked the ball out in front of him and Berthold, who had been playing brilliantly up to that point, knocked it into the goal. Unfortunately, an own goal. What a tragedy for Roma! 1:1.Another tragedy for the Romans came 20 minutes later when the referee sent off Gerolin for a second yellow card. Juventus didn’t manage to take any more advantage and the match ended well for Roma with a score of 1:1.

Player of the match: Cervone (Roma)


Second semi-final of the 1989/90 Italian Cup The clash between champion and runner-up this season promises to be an exciting one.

Milan – Napoli 0:1 (0:0)

Absences: MIL: Ancelotti (Colombo), NAP: Giuliani (Di Fusco), Baroni (Renica). Van Basten starts with good form.

Milan: Pazzagli 5, Maldini 4, F.Baresi 3, Costacurta 4, Tassotti 3, Evani 6, Colombo 4, Rijkaard 3 (90 Simone), Donadoni 4, van Basten 4, Massaro 4

Napoli: Di Fusco 8, Francini 6, Renica 5, Corradini 5, Ferrara 6, De Napoli 6, Alemao 5, Fusi 7, Crippa 6, Maradona 5 (84 Mauro), Carnevale 5

Goal: Fusi 49 (assist: De Napoli)

Yellow cards: Rijkaard (27), Baresi (74) / Maradona (3)

Maradona made his presence known early on… fouling in front of the penalty area. Van Basten’s dangerous shot was defended by Di Fusco. Then as much as 20 minutes of „Boring Part” event and a yellow card for Rijkaard (there was a risk of the Dutchman being ruled out). In the 36th minute a magnificent shot by Carnevale from a bicycle kick! The rebound and De Napoli’s shot is defended by the Milan goalkeeper.

0:0 after the 1st half.

The start of the 2nd half shocked the Milan fans: Fusi’s shot from distance found its way into the net! 0:1. Then again a big „Boring part” (18 minutes!) and Evani’s accurate shot defended by Di Fusco. Milan had no idea how to deceive the Napoli defence. It wasn’t van Basten’s or Maradona’s day, who played aggressively testing the patience of the referee. The end of the match and Napoli’s players went on the rampage, such a lead is difficult to lose in the rematch.

Player of the match: Di Fusco (Napoli)

2nd matches: coming soon

Poland plays on

After the “victorious” defeat Poland after 36 years in the knockout stage of the World Cup!!!


This motivates even more to work on a realistic soccer game.

How to present in the game the situation when the goalkeeper is simply unbeatable from penalty kicks?
Football: Play It Again – new football game is getting closer and closer, the instructions and teams are currently being worked on.
Szczęsny’s card is already here!

More info about the game

Hockey season 2009-10!

Travel back in time to the 2009-10 season to play Chicago and win the Stanley Cup after 50 years. 
Play Washington and try not to lose in the first round of the playoffs against lower-seeded team.
Feel the brotherly power of the Sedins and score more points than they actually did (they scored 197 points!).
30 teams full of hockey stars guarantee high replayability and tons of excitement!

New special rules: facoff winners, shootout heroes.

David vs Goliath game

One of the things I love about sports simulation games is that the weak can win against the strong.
During a David vs. Goliath match, I’m always hopeful: “How about they succeed today?”. However, I get equally excited when the stronger team shows its strength and dominates the weaker team. It shows me that the game works well, that only with a lot of luck can the weakest win against the strongest.

This time I played a game from the 2009/10 season Capitals (1st overall) vs Oilers (30th overall).

WSH 2 4 2 8 PP: 3/4
EDM 0 1 3 4 PP: 2/3

Thanks to high Morale, Washington dominated on the ice from the start. In the 1st period, despite Khabibulin’s excellent defenses, goals were scored by Erskine and Fehr.
The 2nd period was a showdown for the Capitals, thanks to 3 power play goals they go out to a 6-1 lead. Edmonton responds with a goal by Penner.
In the last period, moments of inattention of the Capitals take advantage of Penner and Gagner, however, they have no more chances to tie the game.
An excellent game, a hurricane of goals, the Oilers had no chance but at least they scored 4 goals (most of them thanks to Washington’s defensive mistakes).

FIRST STAR: Ovechkin (WSH) 2 goals + 3 assists.

NHL 2009/10 season: COMING SOON!

New Hockey Season

Hello, hockey friends!
To celebrate the start of the new ice hockey season we have 8 brand new fantasy pro-teams for you JUST FOR FREE. Every team has special skill.

Now with 8 teams from basic “Solo Hockey” game you can create your fantasy pro-league of 16 teams!
CONFERENCE EAST: Boston, NY, Montreal, Miami, Toronto, Philadelphia, Washington, Ottawa
CONFERENCE WEST: Calgary, LA, Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Kansas City, Phoenix

Stay safe as always!

TimeToDice Team

History is changed: Germany wins

The World Cup in Mexico is one of my favorites, even though Poland didn’t do very well (only 1 goal scored).

I remember Negrete’s fantastic goal, France’s great match against Brazil in the quarterfinals and, of course, Maradona’s wonderful goals.
As a test of my football simulation game “Football: Play It Again” I decided to see if Argentina would win the final against Germany again.

Let’s see…
ARGENTINA: Pumpido – Cuciuffo, Brown, Ruggeri, Olarticoechea, Enrique, Batista (80 Pasculli), Burruchaga, Giusti, Valdano, Maradona
WEST GERMANY: Schumacher-Briegel, Jakobs, K.Forster, Berthold, Brehme, Magath (80 Rolff), Eder, Matthaus, Allofs YC, Rummenigge (82 Augenthaler)

ARGENTINA – WEST GERMANY 1:2 (0:0) Valdano 58 – Rummenigge 55, 72
Yellow cards : Allofs (G), Eder (G). Red card : Allofs (90 min)

10 min- G: Allofs’ missed header, Cuciuffo well positioned
13 – A: excellent chance for Cuciuffo, shot is too weak,
25 – G: Matthaeus moves in solo action, Olarticoechea stops him
32 – A: Maradona’s crossing, ball deflected off Briegel’s shoulder. The referee’s whistle is silent
38 – A: Giusti gets to the rebounded ball, shoots inside but Schumacher defends easily

0:0 at half time

53 – G: Matthaeus’ action ineffective
55 – G: Rummenigge takes advantage of defenders’ hesitation and shoots…. GOAL! 1:0 for the Germans
58 – A: Excellent action by Maradona. He passes, Valdano shoots, Schumacher lets the ball pass between his legs. GOAL! 1:1
72 – G: Rummenigge makes his way into the penalty area, passes the surprised defenders and shoots… GOAL! 2:1 for the Germans
80 – A: Brown header … Schumacher knocks the ball onto the post!
82 – A: Direct free kick, Brown heads again but misses the goal
90 – A: Burruchaga in a perfect situation, Allofs fouls him and gets a red card. West Germany wins the World Cup! The best on the pitch were Rummenigge and Schumacher.

History is changed: Germany wins in the final of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico!

Beijing Olympics!

New lineups now available! Ice hockey at Winter Olympics is here!

Grab your dice, choose your team from 12 diverse teams and play an exciting Olympic tournament.
See if Finland really was that strong (they didn’t lose a match) and if Slovakia will manage to win a medal this time.
Special rules (Extra Rotation) guarantee maximum use of players during the match.


Lewandowski’s debut: Football game (WIP)

There is media hysteria with the new number on Robert Lewandowski’s jersey.
I couldn’t help myself and, as a test of my new/old soccer simulation game, I played the opening match of the new season Barcelona vs. Rayo Vallecano.
(Lineups current as of July 24)

Three goals by new signings, Barcelona destroys Rayo!

Barcelona – Rayo Vallecano 4:0 (3:0)
Barcelona: Ter Stegen-Jordi Alba, Araujo, Christensen, Dest -Gavi, Busquets (71 de Jong), Kessie – Aubameyang (92 Fati), Lewandowski, Ferran Torres (64 Depay)
Rayo: Dimitrievski-Fran Garcia, Cateno, Saveljich, Balliu (46 Jose Pozo) – Alvaro Garcia (46 Bebe), Comesana, Unai Lopez, Oscar Valentin, Isi, Sergi Guardiola (71 Falcao)

Goals: 1:0 Christensen 11 min, 2:0 Dest 13, 3:0 Kessie 25, 4:0 Lewandowski 70
YC: Gavi (B), Absence: Trejo (R)

Most interesting moments:
11 min – Free kick. Christensen’s header and a goal for 1:0
13 – Another offensive action by a Barca defender. Dest shoots and (12 on 2d6, “box cars”) – a wonderful goal, the shooter himself can’t believe…
21 – Busquets eliminates Rayo’s counterattack
25 – Kessie works out a situation for himself, tries it from distance and it’s already 3:0
37 – Busquets’ speed, passes to Lewandowski, “Lewy” shoots from distance. The ball flies past the post
48 – Good positioning of Gavi, who knocks the ball away
64 – Slide by Christensen, shot blocked
70 – Saveljich falls, Lewandowski takes the chance and…. goal! 4:0
87 – Good action by Falcao, but no finish
90+1 – Falcao’s shot over the crossbar

We will see what the result will be on August 13.

WIP: Testing new season

The first tests of the new season went unexpectedly well. I picked very average league teams: Vancouver and Vegas not expecting much from their play.

But… they put on quite a show! Vegas rolled the dice with very bad morale in the first two periods causing them to get into big trouble.

Elias Pettersson scored a hattrick, also 3 points were collected by great defenseman Quinn Hughes. At the end 5-3 to Vancouver. Time to test the stronger teams.

Vancouver 3 2 0 5
Vegas 1 0 2 3

1:0 Hughes (VAN, assists: Pearson, Elman Larsson)
1:1 Stephenson (VEG, pen. shot)
2:1 Pettersson (VAN, Miller, Garland)
3:1 Pettersson (VAN, Schenn)
4:1 Garland (VAN, Hughes, Pettersson)
5:1 Pettersson (VAN, Hughes, Highmore)
5:2 Janmark (VEG, Stone, McNabb)
5:3 PPG Janmark (VEG, Stone)

Penalties: VEG: Dadonov (2 min), VAN: Burroughs(2), Hughes(2), Miller(2)
PP: VAN 0/1, VEG 1/3

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