Terms of Print&Play sale

Terms of PnP sale
Order and delivery
The payment for your purchases is made by Paypal and confirmation from Paypal is proof of purchase

Starting from your payment’s validation, the order is confirmed and cannot be cancelled nor refunded.
After validation of your order, you will get an email notification of order confirmation to the adress associated with your customer account.Then within 24 hours you will receive an email with the games you have purchased. The sending of this e-mail is considered as access to the purchased files is only available to you for your personal use.

Once you receive the download links for the ordered digital files, you will no longer have any possibility to cancel your order and the price of your purchase will be debited automatically, even if you decide later on to waive the download of the said files.
As soon as the download links are sent, orders for digital files are deemed firm and definitive and cannot give rise to any exchange or refund.
The withdrawal period of fourteen days opened by article L. 121-20-20 of the Consumer Code cannot apply, as long as the order has been executed by sending download links, which is equivalent to a final delivery of the product.

Download links are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase. If you are still not able to download, please send us your payment ID and we can investigate further.
In the event of difficulties, especially if you do not receive download links, or if you have a reading problem on the email address associated with your customer account, you can contact: info@timetodice.com

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