“Solo Hockey” is a “ROLL THE DICE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENED” type sport game for 1-2 players. The game is designed to provide excitement and realistic statistics while maintaining as much playability as possible. Only main game events affecting the outcome are recreated. Game time is about 30 minutes.

How does “Solo Hockey” differ from other simulation games?

    Each team has a morale level that changes during the game depending on the situation on the ice. Morale can determine initiative or gaining a better situation. A theoretically better team with a low morale can have problems in a game against a weaker team with a higher morale. If a team reaches its maximum or lowest morale there might be an additional effect (“Euphoria”) in favor of the dominant team on the ice.
    There are not hundreds of player cards that need to be constantly swapped like in other games. Just lay out two team cards (A4 size), use the tokens (buttons) to mark formations on the ice, the morale level and the initial initiative. The hockey player who is not on the ice (penalty or injury) is covered by a tile or marked in some other way.
  • 16 TEAMS
    In the basic version of the game players have access to 16 fantasy teams (8 professional and 8 national teams). They can play quick match, form a mini-league or play a quick tournament.
    The Deflections and Chaos charts provide a great variety of goal-scoring situations, not just simple “shot versus goalie defense”.
    If two players are playing, they can use tactics cards to have more influence on their teams’ play.

Grab 4 dice (3d6: different colors, 1d20), Gamebook, some tokens (coins), something to write with and you are ready to play!

Basic game mechanics:

  1. Roll 4 dice
  2. Check the type of event according to the white and black dice
  3. Move the Time marker
  4. Mark the formation change (if necessary).
  5. Execute the event.
  6. Return to par. 1

„SOLO HOCKEY” boardgame from Time To Dice: IT’S PURE PRO HOCKEY FUN!

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Solo Hockey gameplay: one period (pdf)

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