Football: Play It Again FAQ / Errata

  1. I’ve rolled BORING PART event, 7-8 but there is no STAR defender case.

If defender is the STAR: +d12 minutes (roll d12 again) or Key player shot C.

  1. On the Deflection chart, d12 roll 7, the result is Good positioning by the K player—what happens next?

It was good positioning by the Defending Key player. No shot. Just roll the next Event.

3. PRESSING card on counters sheet. What is: “Dostaje zwycięzca Walki o Piłkę”?

Please, ignore this 🙂 The Pressing card can be gained by a team by winning certain events (Fight for Ball , “PR” markings). See 28.1

4. Event Whistle. Row 6. If there are no players with a Speed ​​icon on offense, who shoots? Do I randomly choose one of the attackers? Or do I randomly pick one of any other role?

If no SPEED icons, random forward shoots (roll d6)

5. Event Boring Part. Rows 1-4: Draw in 2nd half: time +d6. Which +d6 die do I need to see between white and red to move time? Or do I have to roll one of the dice again?
If draw in 2nd half: roll d6 again and add TIME.

6. Event Boring Part. Rows 7-8. STAR Midfielder: shot c+1 or Time +d12. If I choose time is it time +d12 that I have already rolled? Or do I have to roll it again?

If you choose TIME +d12 STAR midfielder decided to keep the ball. Roll d12 again and add TIME.

7. Event Boring Part. Rows 9-10. If the K is both “T” and “leader”, he wins both initiative and Morale + 2? Or does he have to choose just one of the things?

If Defensive K player is leader and has “T” icon choose one bonus: Initiative gain or MORALE +2

8. Penalty. Can I choose the shooter or does it have to be one of those on the team card? Because if there is one in the team card without the “11” icon, but one with the “11” icon is playing on the pitch, I’d like him to take the penalty.

It depends on your attitude 🙂 If you are playing more simulation (replay mode) I recommend to roll d6 to draw a shooter according to your team card. If you play as a team coach of course you can choose the shooter freely.

9. What is “Football Magic” that I’ve seen is for sale in the French League and I don’t have in the 4 leagues I bought?

“Football Magic” is short d6 table connected with Team Events (i.e. great volley, solo run). It’s included in the French league because there is a lot of talents who have a lot of freedom on the pitch. I plan to expand this table to 2d6 roll and include it in the next version of the Gamebook.

10. Event Attack. Time in second half is d12-1 min. If I roll d12 and it comes up 1, I have to take it off this minute. Does this mean that being “0 minutes”, the action takes place in the same minute as the previous event?

If you roll 1 or 2 on d12 in second half you have to add 1 minute to TIME (“min. 1” in brackets)

11. Event Fight For Ball (but also Event Attack). To know the exact shooter (red die) D, or M, or F do I have to roll a random die among the various D, or M, or F of the team? Clearly if the team has only one F the shooter will be him. However, 3,4 or 5 players always play in defense or in midfield. So to know which of the 5 defenders or 4 midfielders is the “shooter” of the red die, do I have to roll a random d6 for that position?

D, M, F means CHOSEN defender, midfielder, forward (except Key player). You don’t have to roll again. You choose player with most Basic Skills needed in specific shot (shot A – Finishing, shot B – Heading, shot C – Long Shot). If “F” and the team plays with only one forward and he is Key player now: he shoots.

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