World Cup 2022 for “Football: Play It Again” (pdf)

Experience the passion and thrills of the tournament as it unfolded on the grand stage. With “Football: Play It Again,” you can take control of all 32 participating teams, featuring the exact team rosters of the World Cup in Qatar. From the fantastic gameplay of Argentina and France to the unexpectedly strong performance of Morocco and the unwavering determination of Croatia, every team brings its own unique style and challenges.

Immerse yourself in the world of football with 32 teams and 831 players at your disposal. Explore the World Cup events, where you can relive the most iconic moments of the tournament. Special team abilities of the best teams add an extra layer of strategy to your gameplay, allowing you to unleash the full potential of your favorite teams.

Every team and player is thoroughly graded on their performance in the last World Cup. Some goalkeepers also possess a special ability – Penalty Stopper. Test your skills and see if you can save those crucial penalty shots under intense pressure.

(Basic version of the game “Football: Play It Again” is required to play this content)

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