Solo Hockey pro season 2022-23 (pdf)

Solo Hockey: Pro Season 2022/23 – Experience Unforgettable Moments on Ice!

Have you ever dreamt of feeling the excitement, adrenaline, and rivalry that accompany professional hockey competitions? Now you have the chance to experience it fully with the new expansion for “Solo Hockey” – Pro Season 2022/23!

Perfect Ratings for Teams
Realism is the key to an incredible gameplay! All 27 players from each team (a total of 872 hockey players) have been meticulously rated based on their performances in the 2022/23 season. This means that every move you make on the ice impacts your team’s outcome. Can you rise to the challenge and lead your team to victory?

Step onto the ice, lift the Cup, and win the hearts of fans in the Pro Season 2022/23 in Solo Hockey! It’s time for you to become a hockey legend!

(Basic version of the game “Solo Hockey” is required to play this content)

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