Football: Play It Again” is a 1-2 player board game that simulates key moments in a football/soccer match.
As a team coach or a spectator, you roll three dice (two 6-sided and one 12-sided die) to generate the event that occurred on the field. Depending on the players’ skills and abilities, there could be a ball interception, a foul, or a shot on goal. Simultaneously, the player moves tokens on the Time track and marks the players on the pitch who are dominant at the time (“KEY PLAYERS”).

During the game, tactical changes can be made. If you want to have more influence on team’s play you can use tactics, Actions and advanced rules. The game ends when the timer reaches 90 minutes or more. A single game should last up to 30 minutes.

The game has high playability, realism, and statistical accuracy. It allows matches to be played with retro teams taking into account the rules and playing styles of play in the era.


Long shots, headers, goalkeeper parades, tackles, cards, ricochets, injuries, the influence of soccer stars, unusual events and many more!

1986 World Cup final replay: this time West Germany won!
Mazotta is talented player (“T” icon), he can play as a forward or midfielder.
He is good at Finishing, Crossing, Technique, Speed and Dribbling.
Experience: level 1
Strength: low

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