This is a sports simulation game belonging to the so-called replay games.
The game allows you to get into the role of a spectator and watch the most interesting parts of matches or lead your own team to victory.
Mechanics: the player throws dice and depending on the result performs 3 actions:

  1. Moves the game time marker by a certain number of minutes
  2. Changes the marker of a Key Player (if needed)
  3. Checks the type of event on the field, e.g. shot on goal, opponent’s error, yellow card, free kick.

In most cases, we compare the number of qualities possessed by a certain player with the one specified in the chart. If a player meets the condition specified in the table (e.g., possession of a skill) he obtains an advantage (e.g., a shot on goal from the penalty area). If he does not have the required skill, he can obtain a benefit of a weaker type (e.g., a shot from a distance).
You can play solo or face an opponent, friendly, league or play-off matches.

1986 World Cup final replay
Sample player card. Mazotta is talented player (“T”), he can play as a forward or midfielder. He has good Finishing, Crossing, Technique, Speed and Dribbling.
Experience: level 1 (max is 3),
Strength: low

There are plans to release sets of league and world championship teams.

Shots, goalkeeper parades, tackles, cards, ricochets, injuries, the influence of soccer stars, unusual situations: all this will be found in this football/soccer game.

ETA: 2023

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