Solo Hockey FAQ

  1. What happens after a goalie save? I presume a faceoff but how is it handled? As info, I was directed to the deflection chart, rolled a D20 of 4 and a red die of 1 which states: “puck is covered, video review, there is…..NO GOAL!” What do I do next?

Nothing, simply roll next event, no Initiative change.

  1. Shot A goal result 12 “post hit” is it a save or rebound? Or…

Nothing again. This shot was inaccurate. Roll next event

  1. What prompts a change in morale? Does a goal scored increase it? Does a goal allowed decrease it? Or is there no effect to morale when a goal is scored?

Morale change occurs during events (2-4, 3-2-5), after successful goalie defenses (GOALIE chart 20+ on d20) and most important after consulting “GOAL EFFECT” chart (p. 6).
The “GOAL EFFECT” chart is very important, after a goal is scored look at the red die (don’t roll again) and change the Morale, Initiative and Formation levels.

Boston (MORALE C) scored a goal for 2-1 against Montreal (MORALE C).
The red die shows 5: The team that scored the goal (Boston) increases its Morale level by 1 (to B), Initiative goes to the team with the higher Morale level (now Boston). If MORALE is equal: Initiative goes to the SAD team: losing or away-tied team.
Finally, change formations in the Attacking team (which has the Initiative: Boston): forwards 4, defenders 6.
After a few games played, I encourage you to use the GAMEDAY chart (p. 9), which differentiates the MORALE level before the period begins.
We begin the 3rd period. Boston is losing 1-3 to Montreal.
Roll 2 dice, white and red. One for Boston and the other for Montreal.
White (Boston die) is 4. Boston’s MORALE would be C, but unfortunately they lose, so their MORALE is D. Their starting formations are 1/5.
Red (Montreal die) is 6. Their MORALE is B (but would be C if they lost). Starting formations: 2/6.

  1. My situation is that I am one minute into a two-minute penalty. The ATT (power play team) is called for a two minute minor penalty, so we have one minute of 4 on 4 and one minute of 5 on 4. I presume that I roll on even strength for the next action. So…..

I roll a white die 5 and a black die 2. The time is +9. That takes me way past the potential power play in that final minute. So, I played this up to the end of the first penalty of the 4 on 4 and will play the final minute of power play. Is that correct?

Yes, absolutely correct! A team on the power play (even for 20 seconds) must be able to take advantage of it. Remember to change one formation (up/down) on teams before the power play begins.

5. Roll of 3-white, 4-black, 1-red… ATT C has the passing stick icon, so result is Otherwise: Perfect pass, no error. What happens now?

The pass did not generate a scoring chance, so the event is over. Attacking team keeps initiative, and rolls the dice for the next event.

6. On the power play chart, there are some rolls (like 4-1 to 4-4) that direct you to roll again on the events table.

Even Strength events in PP chart (2-3, 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, 4-4) are used to get some variable events (like more penalties, better shots) during the Power Play. THERE IS NO TIME AND NO LINE CHANGE in these events.

EXAMPLE: PP roll is 4-3, TIME +1. Roll again on EVEN STRENGTH chart.

Player rolled 1-2-4 WHISTLE! TIME: 5+4 (red die), line change: ATT forwards up but… only in this case: no Time and no Line change.

Red die (4) says: PEN for DFD center. There will be 2-man advantage. Player comes back to the PP chart.

7. EUPHORIA/BREAK DOWN charts: examples

Tampa (CLASS B) is playing against Dallas (CLASS C). Score is 1:1. Morale of Dallas drops to “F”, Tampa gains Initiative and all benefits from the “EUPHORIA/BREAK DOWN” chart.
Tampa is drawing so they roll d6. “5”. “TIME +2 Choice skater of Tampa shoots, SHOT B”

Boston (CL C) is playing against New York Rangers (CL D). Score is 3:1 for Boston. Morale of NY Rangers drops to “F”. Boston gains Initiative and benefits from “EUPHORIA/BREAK DOWN” chart.
Boston is winning by 2 goals – roll d6 to kill the TIME. “6”. TIME +12 (d6 x 2).

Florida (CL A) is playing against Atlanta (CL D). Score is 2:1 for Florida. Florida’s Morale reaches “A” level. Initiative goes to Florida and they roll d6 to gain extra shot.
Although they lead by only 1 goal but their Class is better by 4 levels.
D6 is 1. Penalty for Atlanta.

8. When I go to unusual event example 14- Att skater shot A, do I re roll the d20 dice or go by what the original roll was?

In this case you don’t have to reroll d20 die, treat it just like shot event.

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