New Hockey Season

Hello, hockey friends!
To celebrate the start of the new ice hockey season we have 8 brand new fantasy pro-teams for you JUST FOR FREE. Every team has special skill.

Now with 8 teams from basic “Solo Hockey” game you can create your fantasy pro-league of 16 teams!
CONFERENCE EAST: Boston, NY, Montreal, Miami, Toronto, Philadelphia, Washington, Ottawa
CONFERENCE WEST: Calgary, LA, Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Houston, Kansas City, Phoenix

Stay safe as always!

TimeToDice Team

Beijing Olympics!

New lineups now available! Ice hockey at Winter Olympics is here!

Grab your dice, choose your team from 12 diverse teams and play an exciting Olympic tournament.
See if Finland really was that strong (they didn’t lose a match) and if Slovakia will manage to win a medal this time.
Special rules (Extra Rotation) guarantee maximum use of players during the match.


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