Solo Hockey WHA 1974-75 (pdf)

Get ready to step into the time machine, hockey enthusiasts! Solo Hockey just dropped a bombshell – introducing the new expansion featuring the WHA 1974/75 season!
WHA 1974/75 Season Unveiled!
Relive the glory days of hockey with the WHA 1974/75 season. From iconic match-ups to legendary plays, this expansion takes you back to a golden era in the history of the sport. Lace up those vintage skates and hit the ice in Solo Hockey’s most nostalgic journey yet!

14 Retro Teams
Not just a stroll down memory lane, but a full-on retro showdown! The expansion boasts 14 classic teams from the WHA 1974/75 season. Did your favorite team make the cut? Time to find out and lead them to victory once again!

327 Legendary Players
Meet the legends of the game! This expansion features a roster of 327 iconic players, each bringing their unique skills and style to the virtual rink. It’s not just a game; it’s a gathering of hockey royalty!

Special Rules for a Special Season
To truly capture the essence of the WHA 1974/75 season, Solo Hockey has introduced special rules that mirror the authentic gameplay of that era.

Step Back in Time with Solo Hockey
Solo Hockey is not just a game; it’s an experience. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the 1970s hockey arenas. Feel the rush of excitement as you recreate historic moments and carve your own path to glory.

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(Basic version of the game “Solo Hockey” is required to play this content)

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