Football: Play It Again is OUT!

Dear Football Fans,
new print&play simulation game, “Football: Play It Again” is OUT!
It’s been years in the making, with extensive testing and attention to detail, resulting in unparalleled attention to details and emotional gameplay.

Featuring 32 fantasy national teams and 640 players, this game is perfect for any football fan looking for an immersive and thrilling experience. The game was designed to play SOLITAIRE but you can play it with your friend.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring the excitement of the beautiful game to your living room. Grab your copy of “Football: Play It Again” now!

Big thanks for your support!

Stay safe

Time to Dice team

Football: Play It Again is near!

Hello, players!

The turn of the year was mainly spent working at full speed on a new football game. I thought I would be able to finish working on the rules and gamebook by the end of January.
A lot of the work was already done, but there were new things that needed further testing (e.g. Actions). I wanted the game to be as polished as possible. My intention is for the user to experience what it would be like to watch and take part in a real football game. I also focused on the statistical aspect of the game (average goals, yellow cards depending on the era).
I don’t even mention the responsibilities of daily life among two growing daughters.

More weeks passed, but with each successive week, the end not only didn’t get closer, but actually seemed to be further and further away. More ideas popped into my head and I added more things to the course. At one point, I was faced with an important dilemma.

The first option meant finishing the game quickly, selling it and going abroad for a short break.
However, I always wanted ‘Football: Play It Again’ to have no weak moments and to be filled with football excitement from start to finish. That the game should also offer replays of matches in other eras.

And this is where the second option came in. To postpone the release by a few more weeks and take as much time as needed. There was no other solution 🙂 The decision I took was the only right one.
I used the extra weeks I gave myself to the max, polishing the game and adding everything I had planned for it. The result is something truly special, I hope.

I’ll be sending the game out to testers within the next week (if you want to sign up for the reserve list of testers, please let me know). I’m looking forward to your feedback.
I really want the game to be released on my site by the end of March.

Stay safe

Poland plays on

After the “victorious” defeat Poland after 36 years in the knockout stage of the World Cup!!!


This motivates even more to work on a realistic soccer game.

How to present in the game the situation when the goalkeeper is simply unbeatable from penalty kicks?
Football: Play It Again – new football game is getting closer and closer, the instructions and teams are currently being worked on.
Szczęsny’s card is already here!

More info about the game

Lewandowski’s debut: Football game (WIP)

There is media hysteria with the new number on Robert Lewandowski’s jersey.
I couldn’t help myself and, as a test of my new/old soccer simulation game, I played the opening match of the new season Barcelona vs. Rayo Vallecano.
(Lineups current as of July 24)

Three goals by new signings, Barcelona destroys Rayo!

Barcelona – Rayo Vallecano 4:0 (3:0)
Barcelona: Ter Stegen-Jordi Alba, Araujo, Christensen, Dest -Gavi, Busquets (71 de Jong), Kessie – Aubameyang (92 Fati), Lewandowski, Ferran Torres (64 Depay)
Rayo: Dimitrievski-Fran Garcia, Cateno, Saveljich, Balliu (46 Jose Pozo) – Alvaro Garcia (46 Bebe), Comesana, Unai Lopez, Oscar Valentin, Isi, Sergi Guardiola (71 Falcao)

Goals: 1:0 Christensen 11 min, 2:0 Dest 13, 3:0 Kessie 25, 4:0 Lewandowski 70
YC: Gavi (B), Absence: Trejo (R)

Most interesting moments:
11 min – Free kick. Christensen’s header and a goal for 1:0
13 – Another offensive action by a Barca defender. Dest shoots and (12 on 2d6, “box cars”) – a wonderful goal, the shooter himself can’t believe…
21 – Busquets eliminates Rayo’s counterattack
25 – Kessie works out a situation for himself, tries it from distance and it’s already 3:0
37 – Busquets’ speed, passes to Lewandowski, “Lewy” shoots from distance. The ball flies past the post
48 – Good positioning of Gavi, who knocks the ball away
64 – Slide by Christensen, shot blocked
70 – Saveljich falls, Lewandowski takes the chance and…. goal! 4:0
87 – Good action by Falcao, but no finish
90+1 – Falcao’s shot over the crossbar

We will see what the result will be on August 13.

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